Yes, they really do grow grapes in the Mojave Desert, and the Pahrump Valley Winery has been growing them since 1990.  In addition to producing Nevada grown and bottled wines, the winery also has a restaurant, Symphony’s.  Guests to the winery are offered tours of the facilities daily, so when it is finished they can enjoy lunch or dinner and sip a glass of wine with their meal while looking out on the vineyards.

Each year in October, several thousand people gather for the annual Grape Stomp, a celebration of the year’s harvest.  Not only is there wine tasting and live bands, participants can channel their inner Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz and compete in the Grape Stomp, seeing which couple can produce the most juice in a two minute period.

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Pahrump, Nevada   October 2015


The Tasting Room
Their tasting room has dozens of wines you can try before making the decision which one you would like to take home with you.
Inside the Winery
The winery offers free tours daily of the operations where you can get a behind the scenes looks of how to make wine.


The VIneyard
The green vineyards in the brown Mojave desert are an unexpected sight.