The Clark County Wetlands park is a natural side of Las Vegas that even many locals aren’t aware of.  Located on the east side of the valley, it plays an important role in the natural order of the area.  It is the beginning of the wash where the water running underground from the nearby Spring Mountains emerges on its run to Lake Mead.  It also provides an oasis that supports local species of plants and animals along with a stop for migratory birds.  As for humans, it provides miles of hiking in a tranquil setting near the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas, Nevada  September 2014

The wetlands and natural springs in the Las Vegas valley are why settlers first moved to the area.  These sources of water are the only natural source for more than fifty miles in any direction.
The Clark County Wetlands Park is a quiet and peaceful that allows for thinking and relaxing.  It’s possible to hike the several miles of trails without seeing anyone else.