This is the Place Heritage Park sits just a few miles from modern downtown Salt Lake City, but it feels a world apart.  It gives visitors a chance to be transported back to the 1850’s in what is an authentic recreation of early Utah.  What is an authentic recreation you may ask?  Well, it is not an historic town site, but many of the buildings are original along with more that are replicas that have been created with great detail to authenticity.  More than 50 buildings have been recreated or moved from their original locations all across the state to this site to give an accurate portrayal of what life would have been like over  a hundred years ago.

Not only is the Heritage Park a place for learning about the early history of Utah’s settlers, it also holds significance to Mormons.   This Is the Place gets its name because it was on this spot that on July 24, 1857 Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley and proclaimed to the pioneers that “This is the place” that they were destined to settle and flourish, bringing an end to their long and arduous journey.

Salt Lake City, Utah   July 2016

One of the buildings that is not an original is the recreation of the Pine Valley Church that was built in 1868.  The original Pine Valley Church still stands in the very southern part of the state and is still in use.  In fact, it is the oldest continuously used church in Utah.
Looking out the window
Looking from inside the chapel to a home and farm.